Old School RuneScape PvM: 10 Essential Tips for Improvement

Hello everyone, people often ask me how they can improve at PvMing. My answer usually involves a back and forth discussion about levels, gear, and past experiences with bosses. To streamline this advice, I’ve compiled a list of 10 essential tips that anyone can follow to become a better player in Old School RuneScape. So, let’s dive in!

1. Get Used to F Keys:

F keys are your friends in OSRS. They allow you to quickly navigate through menus without relying solely on mouse clicks. By keybinding essential tabs like inventory, prayers, and equipment to your F keys, you can streamline your gameplay and improve your efficiency, especially during intense PvM encounters.

2. Understand Damage Mechanics:

Knowing how damage works in OSRS is crucial for optimizing your OSRS items and combat style against different enemies. Understanding monster weaknesses, offensive bonuses, and maximizing your damage output with levels, potions, and prayers will significantly enhance your PvM performance.

3. Master Attack Speeds:

OSRS operates on a tick system, with different weapons having varying attack speeds. Learning these attack speeds and mastering the timing of your attacks is essential for maximizing your DPS in combat encounters, whether you’re wielding a scimitar, crossbow, or a powerful two-handed weapon.

4. Practice Prayer Flicking:

Prayer flicking involves activating offensive or defensive prayers at precise moments to optimize your combat effectiveness while conserving prayer points. Mastering this technique can significantly improve your survivability and damage output, especially during challenging boss fights.

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5. Understand Monster Damage Calculation:

Different monsters in OSRS calculate damage differently. Some monsters calculate damage as soon as their attack animation begins, while others calculate damage upon projectile impact. Understanding these mechanics is crucial for effective prayer management and survivability in combat situations.

6. Learn Prior Movement and True Tile Positioning:

Understanding your character’s movement and true tile position is essential for efficient navigation and avoiding enemy attacks. Whether you’re running through obstacles or strategically positioning yourself in combat, mastering movement mechanics can give you a significant edge in PvM encounters.

7. Utilize Safe Spotting Techniques:

Safe spotting and corner safe spotting are invaluable techniques for PvMers. By understanding enemy behavior and utilizing environmental obstacles, you can effectively mitigate damage and optimize your combat strategy against formidable foes.

8. Develop Gear and Prayer Switching Muscle Memory:

Quickly switching between gear and prayers is essential for adapting to different combat scenarios. By developing muscle memory and utilizing inventory tags plugins, you can streamline your gear switches and improve your overall combat efficiency.

9. Understand Line of Sight Mechanics:

Line of sight mechanics play a crucial role in both PvM and PvP encounters. Understanding how monsters perceive and target players can help you strategize your positioning and maximize your survivability in combat situations.

10. Test Your Abilities and Learn from Experience:

Finally, the best way to improve at PvM in OSRS is through practice and experience. Challenge yourself with different bosses and encounters, even if you don’t have optimal gear. Learning from your mistakes and refining your skills over time will ultimately make you a better player.

In conclusion, mastering PvM in Old School RuneScape requires a combination of game knowledge, mechanical skill, and strategic thinking. By following these 10 essential tips and continuously honing your skills, you can become a formidable PvMer and tackle even the toughest challenges the game has to offer.

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