Elden Ring: Ultimate Rune Farming Glitch Guide

What you’re about to explore are the most effective and somewhat unconventional methods to farm runes in Elden Ring. If you’re seeking a “legit” way to amass runes, you might want to check out another guide. However, if you’re ready to exploit every jump-off-the-ledge glitch we could find, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into every glitch-based Elden Ring runes farming method available in Elden Ring. If you know of any methods we missed, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

1. Deep Root Depths Finger Reader Crone Farm

Our journey begins at the Deep Root Depths, specifically at the Finger Reader Crone. Start at the Site of Grace here and run directly towards the massive tree, double jumping as you approach it. Swing wildly as you fall, and after a short while, you’ll be rewarded with a significant number of runes. On your first attempt, you might also receive a plethora of Newman runes from nearby ants. Subsequent tries will yield standard runes. Each successful attempt should net you about 40,000 runes. Additionally, your first successful leap will reward you with a Somber Smithing Stone 6, the Golden Land Ash of War, a Newman’s Rune, and one Rune Arc.

2. Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Tree Parkour

Next, we head to the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance. Here, you’ll engage in some tree parkour. Start at the Site of Grace and navigate up the tree. Carefully maneuver to the left and double jump onto a rocky ledge, then parkour up the side. You’ll eventually reach a point where you can leap off and start swinging your weapon mid-air. This method can yield around 100,000 runes without any rune-boosting items. Equip the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot and the Golden Scarab, and you can increase your haul to approximately 150,000 runes per jump.

3. Mohgwyn Palace Rock Parkour

Our next stop is the Mohgwyn Sacred Palace, where another parkour challenge awaits. Follow the route shown in the video to scale the rocks. Stay close to the edge and jump into a hole in the rocks, swinging as you descend. This method can be tricky and may take a few attempts, but it remains unpatched and effective. Successfully completing this farm will earn you about 161,000 runes. Repeat the process by returning to the Site of Grace and redoing the steps.

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4. High Parkour at Mohgwyn Sacred Palace

For a more complex challenge, we return to the Mohgwyn Sacred Palace. This time, start at the same Site of Grace and follow a different route up another tree. Make your way to the top, jump onto a ledge, and carefully navigate around the rock face. Once you reach the desired spot, double jump off and start swinging. This farm is more finicky but can yield about 163,000 runes. If you know of alternative routes to this spot, share them in the comments!

5. Ordina, Liturgical Town Portal Jump

Let’s take a break from Mohgwyn Sacred Palace and move to Ordina, Liturgical Town. This is arguably the easiest farm on our list. Start at the Site of Grace, head through the town towards the portal that leads to the Haligtree. Once there, double jump off the left side and start swinging. With the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot and the Golden Scarab equipped, you should earn around 170,000 runes. Repeat the process by returning to the Site of Grace and jumping again.

6. Return to Mohgwyn Sacred Palace

For another shot at the Mohgwyn Sacred Palace, start again at the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. Follow the shown route, navigate up the rocks, and jump off the indicated rock face, swinging as you fall. This method yields about 152,000 runes. This farm remains effective and unpatched, providing a reliable source of runes.

7. Palace Approach Ledge Road Crow Shot

Our final method isn’t exactly a glitch but is worth mentioning. Head to the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace, equipped with a bow and arrows. Aim at the large crow wandering in the distance. With the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot and the Golden Scarab equipped, shooting the crow will cause it to fall off, netting you around 18,000 runes each time. This method is straightforward and repeatable.

Final Thoughts

These glitch-based rune farms can be a fun and effective way to gather runes quickly in Elden Ring. Remember, the goal of this guide is to highlight every glitch-based method available, not necessarily the best rune farms in the game. Some players enjoy the challenge and novelty of these methods, so if you’re one of them, this guide is for you.

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