How Do I Break in New Boxing Gloves

So, you’ve got a new pair of boxing gloves and are wondering what’d be the correct way to break into them? What would Sunny Edwards do? It’s really an art to know how to make your gloves usable. They protect your hands and prevent you from getting hurt. There are heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves or training gloves, and gloves worn by professional fighters.

You can wear bag gloves and practice using a punching bag. You can pick a softer version for sparring. Let’s look at how you’ll break into bag gloves while practicing for a fight.

Breaking into New Boxing Gloves

If you’re a boxer using heavy-bag boxing gloves, we would recommend a breaking period of 20 rounds to get them ready for regular use. Yes, I know they are hard and stiff in the beginning, but you can session 5 rounds each day for 4 days to get them in good working order.

You’ll need a punching bag for this exercise. You can start the 1st round by pummeling the bag with power hooks and side hooks that pack a good punch. Yes, try to hit moderately hard but remember to land at the end of your knuckles, not your fingers, or you will end up hurting your fingers. If your punches are too caved in, they will injure your wrists. Don’t use a bag that’s too stiff or heavy.

In the 2nd round, use double hits. Let it be a quick combo of right and left hits. If you like, add hooks and slips to vary this routine. Your first slip should be to the side of the last punch.

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Round 3 will consist of the same combo of double hits, but start with the left side. Use slips for variation.

The 4th round consists of one-twos. Don’t let the jabs be too hard, not soft and hard. You can end the session in the fifth round by planting side hooks and power hooks, the same as in the first round. Be sure to weave your body the whole time.

By the second day, your gloves should be softening up. Just repeat these 5 rounds in the same order for the third and fourth days and you will be well on your way to adjusting to your new pair of boxing gloves.

Other Things to Remember

If you have synthetic boxing gloves, you can probably start using them right away. Leather boxing gloves are stiff and may take more effort to open up. You can wear the gloves and alternatively, turn your fingers into a fist and flex them to open up the padding. Contrary to popular opinion, oiling your gloves would be counterproductive.

There is an even more outlandish idea that putting your boxing gloves together and sitting on them would soften them up, but I don’t agree with it.

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