Companies That Had Their IPO In 2011

Which companies had their IPO in 2011? An IPO, short for initial public offering, marks a significant milestone for private companies looking to raise funds by selling shares publicly for the first time. It’s a well-known abbreviation in business circles. For expert guidance on enhancing your Instagram presence with more followers and likes, explore strategies with SocialWick.

The initial public offering is at its peak level. Many IPO merchandise dramatically earned their higher position in 2010. In 2011 the IPO market continued to be stronger consistently. In the US market 97 companies debuted in the IPO market. That is  29% less than in 2010 with 136 companies.

10 Companies That Went To Their IPO In 2011

However, many big names took part in the 2011 IPO list. We have made a list for 2011. Let’s have a look at them.

Air Lease Corporation 

Air Lease Corporation started its IPO in 2011. It is an American aircraft leasing company, founded in 2010. Their IPO entry was quite early according to the beginning. Air lease corp was founded by the aircraft industry’s familiar face Steve Udvar Hazy. Its funding was raised to 802.5$ million in its initial public offering.

Air Lease Corp sold 30.3 million shares, and each share’s exchange rate was $26.50. Their plan was to sell 25 million shares, each for $25-$28. They own 46 aircraft supported by Ares Management, Leonard Green & Partners, and Wilbur Ross’s WL Ross & Co.

Hazy made a successful fortune in 1973 when he co-founded International lease finance corp.

Apollo Global Management

Apollo Global Management, Inc. is a private American global equity firm that was founded in 1999. Their service is about maintaining investment including management,  investing in credit, and real assets.

Apollo Global made its initial offering and raised $565.4 million. Their IPO fundraising was huge which made other asset managers strongly encouraged to proceed for going public. They sold 19 percent more shares than expected. Their share (each) value was $19 and they closed their raising at $7 billion.

Apollo Inc invests in support of financial endowments, pension funds, independent funds, and many other individuals or companies.

Avaya Holding Corp

Avaya Holding Corp is an American technology company. It provides services on cloud communications and workstream platforms. They are a giant tech company providing services in 190 countries and 220,000 customers. It is the largest and highest ranked (no 1) UC and CC company.

Avaya made its IPO debut in 2011 and raised their fund up to $1 billion. However, the filing registration fee and final IPO funding could vary. So they didn’t publish their expected share selling amount.

This company provides communication-based software, support & solution services, as well as a variety of equipment. 


Bankrate is a New York-based financial service provider company founded in 1976. In 1996 they started their business online. Their online network includes a bunch of subsidiary platforms such as,,,,,,,, etc.

In 2010 they reached 150 million visits on their online platform. Therefore, Bankrate increased its collection up to $300 million with a successful initial public offering in June 2011. Their per share rate was $17.50 but the secondary offering was directed to $12.50 million shares.

Dunkin’ Brands

Dunkin Brands Group is an American chain restaurant and food company. Dunkin’s headquarters is in Canton, Massachusetts. Their three chain companies are famous fast-food restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, and Mister Donut. Allied-Lyons owned Mister Donut and Dunkin Donuts in 1990 before that the ownership was shared.

Dunkin Brand Group officially went public in 2011. They announced their initial public offering with 22,250,000 shares in the stock market. At first, Dunkin’s per share value was $19. Afterwards, the initial share rate was $16 and it exceeded $19. Consequently, they collected a total of 422.8$ million in the initial public offering. 

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HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is an American healthcare facility established in 1968. It owns and operates 186 hospitals.HCA also serves almost 2000 health care centers including emergency rooms, surgery, physician clinics, etc. Its headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Harvard Pilgrim Institute and CDC are their research partners so they contribute to large-scale clinical analysis.

HCA announced its initial public offering in March 2011. Their total offering shares was 126,200,000 and per share, the rate was $30.00 in the stock exchange market.


Imperva is an American cyber security and service provider company. They offer application software and enterprise data protection. Imperva was founded in 2002 by Shlomo Kramer and its headquarters is in San Mateo, California. The company was firstly named as WEBcohort and again rebranded as Imperva in 2004.

Imperva started its initial public offering in 2011 and was listed on the New York stock exchange. Their pricing of initial public offering was 5,000,000 shares, therefore, its per share value was $18. Imperva’s common stock offering was 4,750,000 shares, consequently, stockholders’ selling offering was 250,000 common stock shares.


Pandora is a subscription-based music streaming platform. Sirius XM Holding is the owner of Pandora  and started its journey in 2000. Their headquarters is in Oakland, California. Pandora’s focus is to classify individual songs by music category. They started their journey as an internet radio service that produces customized music channels based on music categories and songs. They launched a more optimized Pandora Premium service in 2017, on subscriber demand.

Pandora went on their initial public offering (IPO) in 2011. Their IPO offering was around 14.7 million shares on the New York stock market. Their share (each) rate was $16. They announced around 6.0 million shares in total.


 Zynga is an American social video game services company. Established in April 2007 and co-founded by Mark Pincus, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, Michael Luxton, Steve Schoettler, and Andrew Trader. The previous name was Presidio Media as the rebranding took place in 2007. They mainly offer services on mobile and social media platforms. Zynga’s mission message is “connecting the world through games”.

Farmville is the most popular game, launched in June 2009, on Facebook. Within six weeks, daily users of the game reached up to ten million. Their first game was Zynga Poker published in June 2007 and it was also the first game Facebook introduced.

Zynga announced its public offering in 2011. Their per share rate was $10 and the expectation was to sell $100 million shares and collect up to $1 billion in its IPO. Their estimated worth was $14 billion in 2011.


Tripadvisor is an American online travel agency. They basically run mobile apps, websites, and comparison shopping websites. They provide a comprehensive travel package including online reservations for hotels, lodging, transport, and relevant services. The company’s co-founder were Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Nick Shanny, and Thomas Palka. Their IPO entry was in 2011. They raised the fund a total of $4.2 million and sold it to IAC/Expedia for $210M. Tripadvisor’s net worth is $3.5 as of today.


Worldwide business competition and categories are increasing every day. Each year many giant groups are making their debut in the initial public offering and raising their fund. The big company offering is involving more public and keeping the economy active and frequent. 

Here we have shed light on ten companies that went to initial public offering (IPO) in 2011. Hope this information will enlighten you about the 2011 IPO list.

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