Chrisean Rock Son, Kids, Family and Bio

Chrisean Rock Son : Chrisean Rock, an emerging name in the entertainment industry, has captured attention not only for her musical and television endeavors but also for her role as a mother. Her journey from overcoming personal challenges to establishing herself in the public eye is a narrative of resilience and determination.

Who is Chrisean Rock?

chrisean rock son

Full NameChrisean Eugenia Malone (Professionally known as Chrisean Rock)
Date of BirthMarch 14, 2000
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.
ProfessionRapper, Television Personality
Net WorthApproximately $2 million
Height168 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Known for“Baddies” TV series, “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love”

Chrisean Rock’s rise to fame began with her participation in the reality series “Baddies” and her self-titled show “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love.” Her music career includes hit singles like “Lonely” and “Vibe,” showcasing her talent as a rapper.

Who is Chrisean Rock’s Son?

Chrisean Rock is a mother to a son named Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., born on September 3, 2023. Her son’s birth and early life have been a significant part of her journey, reflecting her role as a caring and dedicated mother amidst her bustling career.

What is the Profession of Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is a professional rapper and television personality. She gained prominence through her appearances on reality TV shows and her music career. Her unique style and persona have made her a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

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Chrisean Rock Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2019$1.5 Million (Estimated)
2020$1.7 Million (Estimated)
2021$1.8 Million (Estimated)
2022$1.9 Million (Estimated)
2023$2 Million (Estimated)

Chrisean Rock’s net worth reflects her success in the music and television industries. Her income comes from her music releases, television appearances, and brand endorsements.

Chrisean Rock Family

Family MemberName
SonChrisean Jesus Malone, Jr.

Chrisean Rock’s family includes her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr. Her journey as a mother is intertwined with her career, showcasing her ability to balance her personal and professional life.

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More Info about Chrisean Rock

chrisean rock son

Chrisean Rock’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by her resilience and talent. Overcoming personal challenges, including a difficult childhood and periods of homelessness, she has risen to fame through her music and television appearances. Her role as a mother to her son adds a personal dimension to her public persona, highlighting her dedication and love.

Her music, characterized by its authenticity and relatable themes, resonates with a wide audience. In television, her charismatic presence and unique personality have made her a fan favorite. Chrisean Rock continues to be a rising star in the entertainment world, balancing her career with her responsibilities as a mother.

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